FerrisChat API Documentation

Welcome to the world of FerrisChat!

We're so glad that you decided to check out our API and possibly build something incredible!

API Endpoints

The following endpoints may be used to connect:



Bugs are bound to occur, so if you find one, please file it here.

Bot Development Communities

Currently there are no established bot development communities, so check back here soon!

Ping Endpoint

If you just wish to see if the API is online, either check the status page, or request GET https://api.ferris.chat/v0/ping. It will return a 200 OK if online.

Implicit Return Codes

All endpoints should be assumed to return HTTP 500 on error. Nearly all HTTP 500 bodies contain JSON data structured as follows:

reasonStringreason for the 500
is_bugboolif this is a bug
linkOption<String>URL to report this at if this is a bug

We cannot fix a 500 if you don't report it! Make sure to add as much info as you can to your report that way we can narrow it down as fast as possible.

u128 Return Types

128 bit unsigned integers are not available in some languages. To help you work around this, every field of type u128 also comes with a string variant. For example:

  "id": 953168419309560759306499915776,
  "id_string": "953168419309560759306499915776"

If your language's JSON decoding implementation throws a fatal error upon finding a 128 bit integer, you must find a different library to decode the JSON that does not throw a fatal error. Otherwise, you can simply ignore the id field and only use id_string.